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Because Good Karma Radio is a Member -Supported, Community-Based Online Radio Station ,
your Membership Contribution is a vital part in helping to keep Good Karma Radio On-Air.
Monthly Membership Contribution Policy
GKRadio is registered with Sound Exchange as well as follow FCC guidelines  
GKRadio has worked diligently to develop a platform that not only promotes diversity among varies genres,
but to create a following that listens as well as interacts worldwide.
Because GKR's staff works around the clock to create such an environment,
Independent Artists now have a platform that is recogninized globally.

Good Karma Radio is going to do more than just guarantee an Artist a few Air Plays
like other Promotional companies would do; for a costly amount!
 Our Staff members will work with Independent Artists, to help PROMOTE & SELL their material to, gain exposure globally..
GKRadio is not looking to "Get Rich",  but to build a Platform for: new, just getting started, Independent Artists, through a contribution that is within reason; for a New Independent Artists.
Good Karma Radio offers this commitment to you, but as Independent Artists, you as well must show a commitment to Good Karma Radio, that their staff is going to support YOU as an Independent Artist;
by following these steps:
  1. All Material submitted must be clean and radio ready
  2. Each Artist must visit Good Karma Radio's Facebook page and click like at the top of the Facebook Page
  3. Once you have liked their Facebook page, Then share these links on all of  your media pages such as:  Facebook/Twitter  (FB: &  Website-
    to have your friends like the FB page and become a fan of Good Karma Radio
  4. Promote Good Karma Radio, to help your fans know where to find you
  5. Lastly, choose which contribution suites your needs and follow the directions on how to up load your material GKRadio's staff

Subject to terms & conditions of Good Karma Radio and Staff
Each Contribution package will come with a ONE TIME "Free" Good Karma Radio T-Shirt of stations choice per customer size request.
To thank you for your contribution.
Prices are subject to change upon notification. All Contribution Subscriptions and/or purchase contributions require a 30 day prior to renewal or invoice notification in writing, for cancelation. ( ) There is no cash refunds, should a refund be required, only a in-store credit will be applied which is good towards all Good Karma Radio offers:
(Apparel, airplay, etc. minus shipping & handling).
Policy in detail
Broadcast Release
This form is required to have your music played on
The undersigned Band, Artist, Recording Company or Copyright Holder(s) of the submitted material ("Copyright Owner") hereby grants, and parent companies GKRadio LLC. & Daddi LLC, an Ohio Company, and its licensees and assigns (" ") the following authorizations:
1. Copyright Owner hereby expressly grants to a non-exclusive
Worldwide license to digitally transmit, on a non-interactive basis, the sound/video recordings, and the musical composition(s) embodied therein, as specified on this Broadcast Release Agreement.
2. Copyright Owner hereby expressly grants to a non-exclusive  worldwide license to digitally transmit, as part of an non-interactive, non-subscription music program or channel, selections from the sound/video recordings, and the musical compositions embodied therein, specified on this Broadcast Release Agreement.
3. Copyright Owner hereby expressly authorizes to copy to the servers such copies of each of the identified sound recordings as are reasonably necessary to facilitate the efficient transmission of the sound recordings from initiation through to the listener.
4. Neither nor the Copyright Owner shall pay to the other any compensation with respect to the transmissions and reproductions authorized herein; this agreement waives rights to pay (airplay royalties, performance royalties, sound recording licenses, mechanical rights licenses) on a complete and totally non-exclusive basis.
5. Copyright Owner represents and warrants to (a) that the Copyright Owner has the right to authorize to reproduce, publicly perform and distribute in Real Audio, Windows Media or other similar format by a non- interactive service, copies of the listed sound recordings and the musical compositions embodied therein; (b) that the Copyright Owner has the right and authority to license all rights granted herein, including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark rights'; performance rights and sound recording rights (c) that the undersigned has been authorized to execute this Broadcast Release Agreement on behalf of the Copyright Owner.
6. Copyright Owner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold, its officers, directors, employees, agents and assigns, harmless from any fees, penalties, liabilities, claims, losses or damages (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by as a result of 's reproduction, transmission, retransmission and/or distribution of the sound recordings and/or musical compositions embodied therein which are identified above in accordance with the terms of this Broadcast Release Agreement or as a result of all other rights granted to in connection with such sound recordings, musical compositions, trademarks and other intellectual property in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
7. Copyright Owner further grants a worldwide, non-exclusive royalty-free license right to reproduce, use, transmit and display, in connection with the transmissions authorized herein, the name of the sound recording and the musical compositions embodied therein, the composers, the performers, and, if provided by or on behalf of the Copyright Owner, the logo of the performers, biographical information, album graphics and photographs of the performers.
8. The authorization granted pursuant to this Broadcast Release Agreement may be revoked at any time by the Copyright Owner, provided that the parties agree that such revocation shall become effective only thirty (30) days after written notice of such revocation is received by
9. This Authorization will be governed in accordance with the internal substantive laws of the United States of America, without regard to its conflicts of law principles.

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