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(Disciple Against Discrimination Despair & Ignorance):  "The Voice of Internet Radio"™
was born in Chicago, but grew up on the East-side of Indianapolis in the late 70’s and all of the 80’s, when music was very diverse with no matter the genre; everyone at the time was influenced by the music that was being played on the radio at the time.
As a child, music had been a huge part of his life.  From learning about jazz and blues, from his Grandfather on his reel
to reel, and then moving on up to 8 tracks and 45s from his parents, music was an everyday thing; like television was to
others.   Music became a way of life and became his spirit and soul.  There was no escaping it, but in reality why
would you want to; back then.
Music taught Daddi how to love long before Lil Wayne was ever on the scene.  It also taught him how to deal with break
ups and make-ups.  Music taught him how to deal with adversity in life.  Music back then had meaning and there was a
purpose behind what the artist was saying to the world.   Music was sung to unite communities abroad.  Music was sung
to uplift our fellow man.  Music was put out to bring positivity into a world that had so much negativity. Missing those times
in music due to the fact that radio today lacks diversity and substance with the rotation of artists that it offers or doesn’t
offer; Daddi felt the need to reintroduce the world to those long lost but never forgotten gems that have been put aside far
too long.  And also introduce the world to undiscovered independent artists that have the confidence and passion to be
heard abroad.


Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. Ronald David Reese, Sr. here, known to you as “Papa Reese” at Good Karma
Radio – Saturday Night Old School.
I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago where my parents raised me with music all around me. I enjoyed
it so much that in the early 1960’s I was given a two transistor radio . It went with me everywhere. The sounds of
WLS-Radio and WVON introduced me to rock, pop and R & B – I was hooked for life!
As an adult, music helped me through the joy and pain of life. Military assignments included tours to Vietnam, Germany,
and Korea that were marked with musical history. People that have crossed my path are musical notations in my life.
I love music and the way it affects people and memories of situations in the past.
I never thought of myself as a DJ. I’m just someone who loves to play music. So join me on Saturday evenings
between 7 pm and midnight (est)
for some “old school jamz”! I promise you that it will be a blast from the past.

Yo Boy Mike Nic

Mike A. Nichols aka Mike Nic. Born July 28th in Columbus, Ohio. As a youth, Mike spent most of years living in L.A.
and his music by choice is Gangsta Rap (West Coast), but grew up listening to R&B (70-80's), Old Country, and Rap music.
Once Mike returned to Columbus, Ohio he introduced the Eastside to the first West Coast underground sound of Too Short,
"Freaky Tales" before it was heard in Ohio. Which made "hood" mouths' drop when they heard music wiht profane language.
Daddi Reese, a great friend, introduced Mike to the D.J. World by allowing him to "spin" on-air at Good Karma Radio™ .

listen to Mike Nic's "Vibe" his way tune in to:
Grown & Sexy Friday from 7pm-10pm and
every Sexy Sunday from
5pm-12am (est)

DJ Smooth
Richard Willis known as DJ Smooth on Good Karma Radio, has always had music as a focal point in life. As a musician, plays
keyboards, Bass (String and Bass Guitar), and saxophone, as well as sing bass and baritone in many bands and choirs. As a
youth, he was encouraged to be a positive influence and well rounded. With that in mind, his musical tastes are very
diverse from classical to country to gospel to hip hop but his true passion is Smooth Jazz. He has worked as a Disc Jockey
and Music Director while in college at Wittenberg University as well as running his own mobile DJ business and working as a
disc jockey in several clubs and businesses in Columbus and Springfield Ohio over the years. His friendship with Daddi
Reese has led him to help spread the philosophy of diversity and a positive voice in a world that desperately needs it.

DJSmooth is bringing his Smooth Jazz passion to you every Saturday Morning from 7am-2pm (est) on Good Karma Radio to start your
weekends right!

(Twins Harmonizing Energy to the Masses)

These twins are great student role models that have been around the entertainment industry since birth.  
Their natural love for music and dance keeps them close to the pulse of what the younger generation is listening to currently.
They have an innate ability to relate to a diverse range of children from special needs to popular circles.  Being very petite in
frame, as well as mirrored twins'; they already hold a popular status in school and carry a natural appeal to diverse

    Ian Cartier aka DJ Prophet™   

DJ Prophet™ has a professional career, spanning over fifteen years, in the entertainment business; working with a vast
array of local and out of state venues. Prophet has been performing a variety of musical formats, including: Hip Hop, R&B,
Reggae and Electronica.

DJ Prophet™   has an elite reputation for being one of the few select DJs to perform for international celebrities such as:
The Indianapolis Pacers and Indianapolis Colts: as well as major label recording artists such as:
"Chad Smith" Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Spinderella", "Salt N Pepa" and Lil Jon; just to name a few.

DJ Prophet™ has earned a professional reputation as being a performer who ultimately defines the unique chemistry between
people, music and their relation to the entertainment business.
Many fans have been quoted saying, " DJ Prophet™ is an untamed force of nature when placed in a musical environment."
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