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March 15, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Imagine that you are on the 10th Floor of a Building that you have never been in before and it is on fire. The Flames are burning everywhere. You can feel the heat on your face. You start to panic, because there is No Hope for Survival.
A wealthy white guy, that is clearly intoxicated, comes up and says, “Don’t worry People! Follow Me. I can save you! The exit is Right over here. No, here. Uhhh Wait”
Then a little gay black kid comes along. Now, This Kid looks like a stereotypical Homosexual. A Very Flamboyant Girly boy and he says, “Judging from the flames, the burning of the oxygen, and the number of people breathing the little oxygen that is left, we have approximately 10 minutes and 32 seconds to remove ourselves from this Building.
“If you were to take the exit 32 degrees northeast of you, we can be out of the building in 7 minutes and 25 seconds.”
Who are you going to follow?
For those few moments that your life was in danger, you did not see color, sex, gender, religion or sexual preference. You saw ignorance and intelligence. H.I.M. would like to expose prejudice for what it is, and for what is about.
Being victims of prejudices all of our lives, Good Karma Radio and the “Privileged Upsets” believe that H.I.M. has a lot to offer you. (The term: “P.R.I.V.I.L.E.G.E.D. U.P.S.E.T.S” is an acronym developed by H.I.M. for People Rejecting Ignorant Views In a Lacking Environment Guaranteed to Eventually Die; Unless Prejudice Subsides Evolving into a True Salvation.)
Random House dictionary defines prejudice as an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed without knowledge, thought or reason.
Prejudice is not about color or sex. Prejudice is ignorance fighting intelligence.
Whenever you ask someone how they feel about a particular group, listen to them. After you have listened to them ask them, ask them what they know about that group that society did not teach them, or tell them it were true. They cannot tell you anything they have thought or learned on their Own.
The problem with prejudice in society is that no one bothers to form their own opinion. For the Christian that always uses the Bible as a defense to say what is wrong and what is right:
Matthew 5:11 says, “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you (speak abusively of you) and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”
Matthew 7:1 says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with the judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.”

These quotes are from Jesus’ mouth, not from the translation of King James.
For the individual who had a bad experience with one person of a particular race: Not all of the people in that race (or any other) think alike, act alike or have the same views as the person that harmed you. You can not accuse, condemn or fear a whole race of different individuals.
Prejudice is based on fear; Fear of the Unknown; fear of being considered society’s outcast; fear of being persecuted for being different, thinking different; fear of reality, the real fact that everyone is a main ingredient for our survival.
People need to learn to embrace fear. Fear is a natural part of life. “Adaptive fears keep us out of harm’s way by instilling in us a tendency to avoid situations that truly threaten our lives, our health or our happiness.” (Fear: Learning to Cope)
“When you try to control fear that does not threaten your life by avoiding them, we often are forced to adopt patterns of behavior that are unproductive, joyless, even dangerous.” (Fear: Learning to Cope)

The only way to overcome fear is to learn what the fear is about and then deal with it head-on.

H.I.M. would like to leave you with two thoughts:

“All of us are God’s Children, which makes us all sisters and brothers.
But why is so hard to understand that every individual is different from the other?
The world suffers from a fatal disease that sees no color, sex or age.
This disease will affect all of our lives; and the whole world should be in outrage.
The world’s disease is called “prejudice” and this disease is taking its toll.
Something needs to be done because the disease has gotten out of control.
Prejudice is a societal disease caused by ignorance.
Ignorance is caused by not knowing and not taking the time to know.
Society’s views are traditional but tradition calls for “No Change.”
For without “change” in a world so ignorant, we’ll never bring salvation back in range.”

What society believes is usually a result of what they have been taught, what someone has told them to be fact. By confronting and actually thinking about what you have been taught, beliefs can be changed.
If Good Karma Radio and the “Privileged Upsets” have persuaded even one person to open their mind and think for themselves, then the battle against prejudice will can be won.



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