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Unkown by a 16 yr. old High School Student
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March 25, 2012 at 11:51 pm

This world is full of discrimination, we hear about it on the news, people tell us stories from way back when, but we never truly understand what it is, until it has happened to us. We go about our day and occasionally stop and listen to someone else’s story, but a lot of us don’t stop and see what’s happening to our best friend and its right underneath our noses.

I had my whole life planned out at 16. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to achieve that goal. I had a plan, and no one was going to stop me, or at least that was what I had thought.
At the high school I am attending there is this program about Law that I wanted to attend and I had to set goals for myself, so I could be physically fit; to keep up with the rest of the students. I knew exactly how much work it was going to take, and I still wanted to do the program. I made sure that I had a good attendance record; I made sure that my GPA was at a 4.0, and I got outstanding letters of recommendation from people who already knew me. Later I learned that it still wasn’t good enough; I wasn’t a size two therefore I couldn’t attend. (At least that is how the Representative made me feel)

“We run twice a week and I’m just not sure you can keep up. Your grades are outstanding but I’ll be honest the physical side to you; worries me a lot.” The director said to me.
Usually I appreciate someone’s honesty, but this man told me point blank that you can’t be “FAT” to join my program.
Recently my mom had told me I was beautiful, and I needed to love myself.  So I started to; I started to love myself and accept that I wasn’t as small as the girls on some magazine covers. But I wanted to fix that and over the summer I had planned to work out and get healthy.

When this “man” was finished with my interview I went to the nearest girl’s bathroom and cried until I could find the strength to go to my last period of the day. When I finally made it back to the classroom, I tried not to think about what happened, I tried not to think that because I was fat, I couldn’t do anything.  But it didn’t work. I pulled out anything I could write on, and tore apart myself-esteem.

 “You’re pathetic Alissa. Why are you upset, you know your fat? It’s okay.”  This was all I kept saying to myself. I wanted to find a way to make myself stop hurting. And the best way was to agree with all the other people.
While in class my best friend noticed what was happening, but by the time she got over to my desk I was crying again. She picked me up and took me out to the hall. She listened to me while I told her what happened, and she allowed me to cry. 

“This is wrong what they are doing to you Alissa. You have every right to be in that program.” She said to me.  And that’s when she spoke to them. But even then she said they felt no remorse.
Ever since then I have been conscientious about what I ware. I think is it too tight, can you see how fat I am, do I look ugly.  I know that I’m strong and I’m not supposed to let things like this affect me, but the truth is, I care about everything. I care what others think, and people can say you shouldn’t let this affect you, but does that stop you from privately thinking that you could have looked better, or you could have not eaten that today? Because I know that many people tell me I’m beautiful and yet I tare myself apart based on what others think of me. I criticize my every move. People like that director that treated me this way, are the reason, why so many teens find other ways to make the pain stop. They become bulimic, anereccix , eat even more to hide behind the pain, or some of them take their own life.

I’m not asking anyone to believe me, nor judge me, but what I am asking is that all of you people who think it’s cool to treat people like that, just remember when they hurt themselves because of you it’s on your conscience and you have to live with it.

I would like to thank Goodkarmaradio for allowing me to share my voice.

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