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The History:
Good Karma Radio™ was founded in the year 2011 by Ron Reese, Daddi: The Voice of Internet Radio™ , during an eventful camping trip with his family. Since then Good Karma Radio has been on the air progressing and gaining momentum each day through its listeners across the world.

This Website is a nonprofit online radio station designed to bring a wave of entertaining diversity to the community abroad. Good Karma Radio’s™ Commitment is to help all societies grow towards a more resilient way of facing the challenges in life by doing what we can to encourage development in all communities One Voice at a Time. The staff feels that positive thoughts become positive actions. So with that approach, Good Karma Radio will do its part to help bring a Change in the World. This Online Radio Station will work to restore the “Common Unity” back into the term “Community” by allowing a platform for others to have their voice heard across the world.  

While Good Karma Radio™ is always striving to obtain and captivate new listeners; our staff continues to stay true to restoring the “Common Unity” back into the term: “Community” by building a platform for all Undiscovered Talents and building foundations for small family owned companies to advertise through.

What Good Karma Radio™ Does:
Good Karma Radio™ is a not for profit company that is not seeking to get “rich” through other artists, but  to help Undiscovered Artists build an audience for listeners so that they can become known across the world.

Because this Radio Station is an ONLINE radio station, their staff has the ability to air artist’s material abroad, not just through local stations that can only be heard through car radios. With Technology today, online radio stations have the ability to air their radio shows while on the go; therefore, Good Karma Radio’s ™ audience is growing daily- even when people are at work.

Good Karma Radio™ DJ Shows are diverse in genres to cater to a variety of listeners. Online Personalities work hard to listen to what their listeners want in order to deliver a show that is not only appealing to their audience, but educational, soothing, and something that anyone can “Vibe” to.  Furthermore, these Online Personalities not only spin to their audience, but mix in Independent Artist’s material to keep a smooth balance of diversity.

Finally, Good Karma Radio™ not only has Online Personality DJ’s, but On Air Talk Shows that range in all topics.
This staff is committed to bringing a diverse entertaining wave to it's community that has a fresh feel of positivity and love for All

Many times very talented artists are over looked by current radio formats due to political and/or discriminatory reasons .
Which is why
Good Karma Radio™ caters to Undiscovered Independent Artists, and here at Good Karma Radio, as long as you have something positive and worthwhile to share, with the world; we will support you. We will do our part to get your material aired and spread your voice across the world, because Good Karma Radio's online radio station is Worldwide and our air time 24 hours per each day.

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