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Testimonials from the Artist

   Tanesha Holland

"As an independent artist one of the greatest challenges is getting your ministry heard abroad. Good Karma radio took one of the many barriers down by letting me introduce myself and my debut single"Fight" to the internet world.
Thanks to Good Karma Radio
I "Vibe On It"!"
-Tanesha Holland



  James Colah

"It is not often that you can find a radio station like Good Karma Radio that is willing and able to offer an independent artist writing non-main stream music a chance to be heard. I saw what they do and listened to their wide range of artistes and music and hoped that they would like my music enough to let me be heard on their station.
They did!

I have played in many bands and produce many styles of music including Smooth Jazz which is the genre I’m focusing on right now. Thanks so much to the producers of Good Karma Radio for playing mine and others who are new to the industry and need someone to give them a helping hand in playing their music to a wide ranging audience.

Keep doing what you do Good Karma Radio!"
God Bless
James Colah



Paul Stokes

"I would like to thank Good Karma Radio and Daddi: The Voice of Internet Radio for taking the time to listen to an unknown songwriter, and then taking a bigger chance by playing my music.

You can't know what it means to have this exposure and to receive such a warm welcome here at good karma radio...

I will always be grateful to  Good Karma Radio for all they're support and all that they have done to help me gain exposure as well as encouraging me to continue with my music..

I will always be a fan of Good Karma Radio and invite everyone to listen..

and of course "vibe on it"...."

-Paul Stokes



 Carlos Jones

"All I can say is... it really means a lot to me that my music has found a home here at Good Karma Radio, because I feel like the vibe is right, you know? This is not corporate radio that follows a formula or has a restricted playlist based on demographics and dollar signs, or tries to sell you a car. This place is all about music and the artistry that goes into it, and GKR doesn't shy away from a song that carries a socially relevant message - it promotes it! Good Karma Radio reminds me of how radio should be - reach the people, expand their awareness and turn them on to something new, and keep the the vibes flowing!"

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Carlos Jones - Cleveland, Ohio



Lisa Gain

Lisa Gain
 "I feel very fortunate to get the air play & exposure I have received from Goodkarmaradio.com ! It's so nice to know that while I'm working my day job, my music is being played over the internet airways. I love when a friend tells me "I heard you on goodkarmaradio today!" It's the best feeling knowing they apprieciate & play great artists as much as the unknowns still trying to reach their dream, as myself. I've also had many people "like" my facebook music page just from hearing me on this station. It definitely helps get your name & talent out there! Thanks Good Karma Radio for supporting this unknown folk singer/songwriter with a dream!"
Lisa Gain - Columbus, Ohio



"My name is Yolanda R. and I have had the great pleasure of having my music played on Good Karma Radio. Before I was graciously invited by Daddi to submit my music for airplay, I tuned in to listen to this wonderful station. The music was soothing and smooth and full of good vibes. I was introduced to Good Karma radio through some of their amazingly inspirational posts on Facebook. The words of wisdom they share enticed me to check out the station.

Daddi told me when my song “Bring Ur Lovin’ Home” would air and I tuned in. I had the honor of being played alongside some of the best major artists as well as superb fellow Indie artists. The clever and humorous intros and excellent music just delivers a non-stop good vibe. Thank you Good Karma radio for supporting Indies and spreading love and peace through your words and music. The uplifting that Good Karma radio provides is much needed in today’s world. As Daddi says “Vibe on it…”  - I definitely will."

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"Good Karma Radio is at the forefront of a growing movement on the Internet to provide independent musicians like myself with a chance to be heard; an opportunity which, for the vast majority of us, might never present itself on mainstream radio. And, for me at least, that makes them invaluable."
Thanks, Good Karma!

I started selling the album on iTunes and CD Baby this week.
  www.stevecostello.ca Look under the Music tab for links.


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