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Testimonials from the Fans
Why do you listen to Good Karma Radio?




"Good Karma Radio gets Regular Airplay in My Classroom...

The Parents always ask what are We Listening to ...

-Robyn Ussery

-Teressa Stokes


"In this new adventure of online radio we are finally starting to see the cream rise to the top and Good Karma Radio is a prime example.  I am excited to be a part of Good Karma Radio.  Daddi is spinning the hottest vibe with great new tunes from indies like myself right beside some of my favorite established artists.  Keep up the great work Good Karma Radio and a big thanks for allowing me to be a part of the groove!  - Kerensa Gray Cool Jazz.  Hot Vocals.  Sublime."


-Kerensa Gray

  Winner 20th Annual Billie Holiday Vocal Competition

2008, 2009 Momentum Award Jazz Artist of the Year finalist

"I would like to thank Good Karma Radio for allowing me an independent artist
to be heard on this great station.  The way they do things here is a prime
example of how all other stations should treat their artists.  I cant
express enough gratitude for being included with all the great artists you
have featured!  May God continually bless you all for this great opportunity
and remember to continue to Vibe On It  Peace!"

"I listen to Good Karma Radio on Saturday evenings because It makes me feel good to hear the various \"oldies, but goodies\" played by \"Papa Reese\" that are played commercial-free. It keeps my soul alive!"
-Ava Lane

"Papa Reese is the man!!"
-Dee Piper

"Thank you so much for playing my music on your station! I really really appreciate this so much! Finally, my music is being heard around the world! You guys set the standard as to how to treat Independent Artist such as myself. Keep up the good work you are doing! Again, thank you so much! Be blessed!"
-Jerome Taylor

"Thanks Good Karma Radio for doing such a great job and for playing my good friend Paul Stokes music! I LOVE his music, and so do many of my friends. This is a dream of his to have his music appreciated by others, and now my buddy is on ITUNES!!!! Woo Hooo! I am sooo sooo excited for Paul, and I know there is an album in his future! He is a special person, a great friend, and he has the passion that it takes to get this done. Thanks again for making this dream come true for him. You guys ROCK! From Paul\'s # 1 fan!!!"
-Donna Weise


"New to Good Karma Radio but really pleasantly surprised. It\'s so easy to listen to the station via Audio Streaming - clear as a bell. It real comfort music. Thank You! "
Michelle Bellion
Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

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