DarkRoom Entertainment Inc.

DarkRoom Entertainment Inc.
Ian Cartier a.k.a DJ Prophet™
Indianapolis, Indiana
Established in the year 2009

DarkRoom Entertainment Inc . was founded in the year 2009 by Ian Cartier and Mr.Cartier has been in this industry for well over
sixteen (16) years. Ian is not only the owner/founder of DarkRoom Entertainment Inc. but a Sound Engineer, Producer, DJ and Remix Artist.
He has performed for and with a variety of world renowned stars, such as: The Indianapolis Pacers, DJ Spinderella, DJ Irene, DJ Carol Cox,
DJ Robie Rivera, Dj Christopher Lawrence, and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

DarkRoom Entertainment Inc . operates around two fundamental practices: The first exists in an in-house state of the art recording
studio which specializes in mixing, mastering and sound design.  The second part focuses on, the artist management and event planning,
for venues and corporate clients.

DarkRoom Entertainment Inc. is proud to offer its services to Good Karma Radio™ to professionally enhance all independent artist
coming to the Good Karma Radio™ stage. Here, we will offer the Independent Artist all the benefits and luxury's of having a state of the art
recording facility at your services. These services will include:
(1) Dynamics processing of your submitted audio material to bring the quality of
your recording up to the industry standard so it really stands out in the mix.
On vocals we are able to achieve this task by implementing the ( WAVES )
modeled ( SSL ) EQ's and Compressors.
We'll often use Reverb and Delay on vocals to add depth and overall character to a
vocal project to bring the vocals to life.
In cases of lower than average recordings where there may be some unwanted
background noise we'll use a series of ( Waves ) modeled restoration tools to
correct any unwanted artifacts in the submitted material.

( 2 ) Many clients will request a ( MUSIC BED ) for their spoken word pieces to add
character to the project. Here at DarkRoom Entertainment Inc. we will assists you
by finding a suitable ( MUSIC BED ) to fit your project needs if you don't already
have one picked out.

( 3 ) Completion of a project is determined when it meets or exceeds industry
standards. In the short, when your work is heard on www.goodkarmaradio.com it
will be at its very best for the world to hear.

( 4 ) Communication to and from the artist is very important to us. When you submit
a project you will have the option to talk with a DarkRoom Entertainment Inc.
representative to assist you with any question you may have. We will also talk
directly with you the artist in regards to questions or concerns we may have
regarding your submitted material.

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